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First Mario Kart 8 Review Calls It ‘Best Fun Racer’

Reddit user BlutGulasch has confirmed that the first review for Mario Kart 8 has arrived. The said user is a subscriber of German magazine GamePro who have awarded Mario Kart 8 a score of 90 out of 100, calling it as, ‘Best Fun Racer.’

BlutGulasch has listed some of the key points from the review and judging from these points; the game does look pretty solid.

The brief review that we have received confirms that there is a total of 30 characters in the game. The game supports customization options, and new modifying parts are purchased by using collected coins.

It also states that the game is absolutely stunning when it comes to audio and visuals of the game and runs at butter-smooth 60 frames per second locked. However, if the number of players is increased from one to two, the frame rates drop down to locked 30.

BlutGulasch further discussed that Balloon Battle can only be done at regular tracks and not on arenas. In addition to this, both old and new tracks are fantastic.

According to him, the reviewer wrote that he got around 3-4 Blue Shells in one race which indicate that it is pretty common to find.

And lastly, the reviewer could not test the online feature since the servers were not online at the time of reviewing. I’m also quoting the whole post from the original writer as it is found on Reddit:

I’m a subscriber to the German GamePro and I got my new issue last Friday. But was busy and started reading it today. So there is a Mario Kart 8 Review with a 90% score. Here are some things from the review:

  • 30 characters
  • Coins being used to buy new Kart parts
  • Music and graphics are amazing @ 60fps
  • More than 2 players = 30fps
  • Battle mode (balloons) only on regular tracks! No arenas!
  • New and old tracks are fantastic!
  • Blue Shells are way too common (the guy wrote that he got sometimes 3-4 hits within one race – way too much!)
  • Online play could not be tested (no servers online)

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