First Look at CCP’s Project Legion, Early Gameplay Footage

A few days ago during EVE FanFest 2014, CCP Games made a huge announcement. Their free to play PS3 shooter, Dust 514 which is set in the EVE universe would be reimagined for a PC release under the title ‘Project Legion’.

Now, YouTube member OdysseusVA has shared a video of the game reveal showcasing the gameplay. The footage has been taken from a prototype version of the game which means the gameplay shown is of very early development stages.

Dust 514 being a PS3 exclusive was severely limited due to the system specs. The PC version however can utilize the high amount of power available and churn out something which is new and different but still feels familiar. The visual improvement can be noticed in the video with an all new sandbox style gameplay.

Announcement of Project Legion was met with a huge outcry from PS3 players who had come to love Dust 514. Could this mean that their beloved shooter, which allowed them to be a part of the highly famous and successful EVE universe from PC, would be shutting down? There are quite a number of players who actually purchased a PS3 system just to play Dust 514.

Thankfully all these fears were set aside by CCP when they declared that Dust 514 would still continue however, it will have lesser development time. A promise was also made that if Project Legion goes forward, the names and assets of every Dust player would be copied over to the new game.

This seems little consolation to Dust players since for now Project Legion is only being developed for PC.