Finding Teddy 2 Shows More Zelda II Inspired Gameplay

Publisher LookAtMyGame has launched a new gameplay trailer for Finding Teddy 2, the sequel to last year’s PC adventure in minimal pixel art style.

It’s changing the model from puzzle adventure to side-scrolling action. For its latest iteration, the game takes a page from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link on NES. Not many would follow that particular game in the popular Zelda series, as it’s one of the lesser liked.

Still, Finding Teddy 2 seems to take all the best parts and cascade it with lighted pixel art, featuring a lot of livid environments. We can see the small girl going side-to-side in caves or forests and passing idyllic waterfalls.

Further using classics, monsters encountered include small blobs and crabs, which the girl can destroy by performing a downward aerial strike, like Link does. She also has a small shield to thwart attacks, though the animations are a lot smoother here.

There is quite some expanding on the genre though, as Finding teddy 2 also has wall sliding, puzzle elements and  the cutest rubber ducky to get over bodies of water.

Finding Teddy 2 also reintroduces the cryptic alphabet from the first game. It can be seen during an encounter with an enormous beast.

Whenever the protagonist met with larger creatures in the first Finding Teddy, this usually involved a swift death. We can only assume that the same thing will happen here.

Currently, Finding Teddy 2 is planned for the end of this year for PC, but also mobile platforms.