Diablo 3 Legendary Items Drop Rates Analyzed, What and Where

Diablo 3 needs no introduction as most of the gaming community have been through the game at least once, but still there has been uncertainty regarding the drop rates of the Legendary Items in the game, but worry no more as some folks at Incgamers have managed to almost solve this puzzle.

They have written in full detail how you will be able to get the legendary items and which item is most likely to appear. Some really over the top stuff.

The whole data is combined in three different forums:

  • Diablo 3 legendary drop weighting: Normal-Master.
  • Diablo 3 legendary drop weighting: Torment 1-6.
  • Smart Loot correlation.

These different threads refer to the difficulty levels of the game and with each difficulty, your odds of getting a specific legendary for a character, change.

The figures measured are not yet final and changes can be expected with time to come. Some other variable might also be affecting the numbers so that information has to be gathered first to get the exact figure.

This data compilation and detail can be read in full detail at the Diablo blog of Incgamers and do remember to check out the three forums for the fully detailed analysis of the legendary items.

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