Captive Minecraft Puts Players in a 1×1 Box With Limited Resources

Minecraft update 1.8 has promised to bring in the ability to create World Borders by using walls around an area. Using this new feature, a new survival mode has been created which is dubbed as Captive Minecraft.

Captive Minecraft is said to position players in a one by one (1×1) enclosed box like a prison and this confined space keeps on stretching out as players earn different achievements.

Speaking about the latest creation, mod creator stated that each earned achievement stretches out half a block in either direction. And as this enclosed space keeps on opening up, players will get access to a wide arsenal of available resources.

However, even when a player is in confined space, Getting Wood and Taking Inventory will not be inaccessible:

For each Minecraft Achievement you get, the World Border widens by half a block in each direction. As your captive world slowly expands, you gain access to more and more resources. You’ll have no trouble Getting Wood or Taking Inventory, but suddenly making that Cake and riding a Pig off a cliff isn’t quite so simple…

As of now, the Captive Minecraft is in its beta phase which can be downloaded from the Farlanders Official Weblog. In addition to this, you will also need Minecraft update 1.8 which is yet to be released. However, you can download the required feature – world borders – by heading over to Mojang’s Website prior to the update.

Extensive details about the mod can be found at the Farlanders official weblog.

Also, make sure to check out the trailer provided by Farlanders and see the trailer in action.