Bound by Flame Launch Trailer Shows Backstory, Monsters, Locations, and Gameplay

Focus Home Interactive’s Action RPG; Bound by Flame is close at hand and has received a new Launch Trailer which shares some of the details about game’s story, some little gameplay tidbits, fierce monsters, and different locations and characters.

Bound by Flame puts you in the shoes of a fearsome warrior who is possessed by some kind of Flame Demon. I don’t want you to take any ideas since this Flame Demon knows the niceties and wants to save the world from Dead Walkers who are on the verge of destroying it completely.

The trailer discusses how our main protagonist is met by doubts of the people who are reluctant to follow him since he is demoniac. People tell him that the Flame Demon has no intention of saving the world and soon will overcome his complete body.

You will see game’s glorious visuals along with our hero slashing down demons and Dead Walkers. There are also a couple of intimate scenes in the trailer which confirm that the game will feature romance options.

With a demon inside our hero, it is upto players to make use of our hero’s own abilities and Flame Demon’s dark powers to traverse through the demon-struck lands and restore peace on the surface of earth.

Bound by Flame is scheduled to launch on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and PC on May 9, 2014.