Bohemia Encouraging Modders to Develop ArmA Mods by Offering Prize Upto €200K

ArmA 2 was made famous due to its mod DayZ, which then transformed into a whole title named as DayZ Standalone and now Bohemia, the developer behind the game is looking to hold a competition to call out the best modders for ArmA.

The competition will take place in four different categories with each offering a unique challenge for the modders. The game modes include Single-player, Multiplayer, Add-ons and Total Modifications.

One more Modding category is also included called the Health Care in Danger, which contains a special award and will be given to someone who covers the “Health care in danger” topic the best possible way. The winner of this mod will get a gift of a one week trip on an ICRC mission in a foreign country.

Other categories will get you varied prize money. The Total Modification requires the most work and the first prize in that category will be €200,000.

On the other hand, rest of the categories will get you €50,000 as the first prize, €30,000 for second and €20,000 for the third place winners.

The contest will end on the 26th of October while the winners will be announced on the 15th of January next year.

For more information on the subject, head to the official website of Bohemia’s “Make ArmA not War”.