Bill Gates Will Support Xbox Division Spin-Off If Satya Nadella Wants To

Earlier, The Washington Post had reported that two Influential Microsoft Shareholders were pushing Microsoft to abandon some efforts taken by the company which they considered as non-essential.

The non-essential efforts are reportedly Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine, Microsoft Slate and Xbox Division. When Fox Business Network interviewed Founder and Chairman Bill Gates about the decision, he said that Microsoft wasn’t new to the idea of spin-offs, giving Expedia and Slate as examples.

Bill Gates has been very supportive of the new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and has been helping in his transition to his new leadership role. When asked whether he will continue to support Nadella if Microsoft’s new CEO planned on making a spin-off company, he responded with a yes.

Gates clarified that, whilst he’ll be supportive of a Xbox division spin-off, he explained that removing the Xbox gaming division from gaming as a whole isn’t an ‘obvious’ move since the Xbox division does both Xbox and Windows gaming efforts, and it is up to the new CEO to decide on which direction to take, but the company will have an overall gaming strategy so the idea of a Xbox division spin-off isn’t as easy as it looks.

Microsoft Game Studios’ Phil Spencer said he had discussions with Nadella and former Microsoft Game Studios’ head Stephen Elop about their commitment to Xbox, and they responded favorably.

Satya Nadella was named CEO early this February with Bill Gates transitioning to Technology Adviser in order to support the new CEO.

Source: Fox Business