Kirby: Triple Deluxe Rare Keychains Locations Guide

Kirby: Triple Deluxe, developed by HAL Laboratory for Nintendo 3DS, has striking similarities to Super Smash Bros.; especially when we talk about Rare Keychains collectible.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe Rare Keychains Locations

You will find one Rare Keychain in each level of the game. Also, don’t confuse these with Common Keychains whose locations are always varying for different players.

Fine Fields

Level 1-1
Suck the wrecking ball all the way to the left until it starts to emit a yellowish hue. Once you have pulled it enough, let it go to smash the wall and grab the Keychain from the other side.

Level 1-2
At the very end of the level, fly above the exit and you will find the Rare Keychain.

Level 1-3
At the very start of the level, cut the grass near Big Waddle Dee and grab the 3D Warp Star which will send you in the background. When you are in the background, hit the bomb block to open the path ahead and grab the Keychain.

Level 1-4
You will find 3D Warp Star at the far right of the area. Grab the star and go to the background. Now, travel left to the hidden area behind a wall and grab the Keychain.

Level 1-6
Grab the 3D Warp Star and travel to the background. When you are there, attack the cracked tree and you will travel to the front to open up a Treasure Chest and find the Keychain.

Lollipop Land

Level 2-1
The area where you will see the second Candy Tank, you need to break open a crate on the right and grab the Keychain.

Level 2-2
Before heading towards the Laser Machines, you need to go to the left and find the Keychain blocked by spikes. Stand at the very edge of the spikes the hit the platform – with your arrow – containing the Keychain so that it drops below.

Level 2-3
Before heading towards the exit door, you need to float above to a hidden area and break the bomb block to reveal the Keychain.

Level 2-4
Right outside the tent, fly above and the Rare Keychain will be located at the tip of the tent.

Level 2-6
You need to grab the key to open up the passage containing the 3D Warp Star. However, you need to hurry up as it will be crushed by the falling wall. Once you’ve acquired the 3D Warp Star, travel to the background and grab the Keychain.

Old Odyssey

Level 3-1
While you are near the train, you need to drop down and hit the bomb block to grab the Rare Keychain located on the left side.

Level 3-2
Once you have defeated the boss and entered the background area, destroy the bomb block to grab the Keychain.

Level 3-3
Before exiting the final door, drop down and go to the hidden area to find this Rare Keychain.

Level 3-4
After coming back to the foreground, keep on going right and enter a large hole in the wall. After that, enter the cannon and go through the line of stars on the right to get the Keychain.

Level 3-5
To get this Keychain, you don’t have to lighten up the fuse. Instead, go right and drop down to find a Treasure Chest containing the Rare Keychain.

Level 3-6
Simply enter the Igloo and the Rare Keychain will be in plain sight.

This guide is currently a work-in-progress! We will keep on updating it in days to come.