Cancelled Mortal Kombat HD Remake Character Model Images Surface Online

Mortal Kombat! A name with which almost everyone from the 90s is familiar with whether they were interested in it or not. The game gathered a huge fan base due to its hardcore content and FMV capture for character animations. There has been multiple installments in the series since the original release with the last one releasing for the last-gen consoles in 2011.

However, it looks like the developer was also trying to make an HD remake of the original game, due to its huge popularity among the fighting genre fans, but then decided to cancel it for some reason.

The Make-Up artist on the project, Tanea Brooks has released a bunch of new new pictures of the Mortal Kombat HD Remake. Looking at them below, you can see that the project was well under way and all the actors dressed up in the costumes coincide quite perfectly with their gaming counterparts.

The cancellation of the project is quite disappointing for the fans of the game as it would have been a great addition to their collection. One has to wonder what could possibly be the reason behind the cancellation of something, which is of this high magnitude?

Budget? Lack of interest? There could be many reasons but all these reasons won’t matter as the project has been canned already. Probably, they are working on something more fresh and ambitions? Only the time will tell. For now, you can check out the images of the project above.

Source: Tanea Brooks