Harmonix to Unveil a New Title On Monday, Any Guesses?

Harmonix, the developer behind incredibly popular Dance Central and Rock Band Series has announced that they are going to reveal their next project on Monday.

The announcement was made via tweet by John Drake, who is Director of Publishing and PR at Harmonix:

People were expecting the new announcement to be related to the next iteration in the Rock Band or Dance Central franchise, but John tweeted again, confirming that it is not either of the titles.

As far as we know, the developers are working on a Free-to-play title for PC named as Chroma. Also, Fantasia: Music Evolved is under development for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, a new title at this moment is really a big surprise.

We will have to wait till Monday to find out what exactly Harmonix will bring to the table, meanwhile you can share your theories with us in the comments section below!