EA and Comcast Signing a Deal to Stream Games Through X1 Cable Box

According to a recent report by Reuters, Comcast Corp, one of the largest cable service providers in US is on the verge of signing a deal with EA.

Under this deal, Comcast would soon allow its users to be able to buy games from Electronic Arts Inc. and stream them through their cloud based X1 operating system.

According to the report, both companies have been testing this method of streaming for two years and are close to signing the deal, allowing for games like FIFA and Madden to be streamed. These games however are just the start, if the deal goes through Comcast plans to allow streaming of other casual, sports and action titles.

Once the agreement is finalized, it would mark the boldest step taken by any cable company to move into the video game console market dominated by Microsoft and Sony. With an already huge network of more than 22 million subscribers, Comcast might well be about to become the country’s largest cable provider.

Comcast has been working hard keeping its X1 system in shape to prevent rival services like Apple TV or Amazon.com Inc’s FireTV from taking over. With this deal with EA, they might not have to worry about Apple TV’s ability to stream iOS games from phones or tablets, or FireTV which launched with over 100 free and paid games from various companies.

EA and Comcast is expecting this service to work as a pay-per-view movie system, where your product will be ready to be streamed as soon as you finalize the purchase without any need of downloads.