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Daylight Twitch Chat Commands To Scare Live Streams

One of the amazing features that Zombie Studios added in Daylight is Twitch integration and the ability to share your live reactions with all the viewers.

Typing in simple codes in Twitch Live Chat Section will trigger events like sounds of approaching footsteps, flickering lights, and summoning a witch. There are a number of commands available, but so far we have come across the following ones:

  • Scream – This will cause a scream
  • Static – This will cause phone to have a static noise
  • Feet – This will trigger the sounds of approaching footsteps
  • Witch – This will summon a witch close to players’ location
  • Light – This will make the lights in the game flicker
  • Meow – This will trigger a distant cat noise.
  • Owl – This will trigger a hooting owl sound.

Check out any Live-stream on Twitch right now and you will see the whole Chat Box spammed with these commands. Make sure to send us any other commands that you come across.