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Battlefield 4 Rent A Server Feature Having Trouble on PS4 and Xbox One

It seems that the launch of Battlefield 4 Rent A Server program isn’t going as smooth as Dice had hoped it would. Dice recently released an update about an issue being investigated which prevents servers from starting up if the player count is 64.

This issue seems to be only plaguing the Xbox One and PS4 platforms. In the update provided by Dice team member SlyOkapi, he has mentioned a workaround for server admins, which can be implemented by the in-game administration tools made available recently.

“While we investigate, we recommend that server administrators who are experiencing this issue set their servers to 50 players or less.”

Among the countless bugs currently plaguing the recent installment in the Battlefield franchise, this is perhaps one of the most annoying ones since server owners are paying money for a feature they are not able to properly utilize. Dice has however, promised compensation for this issue, and all the server owners will be provided extra days on their server lease, free of charge.

It is interesting seeing how Dice keeps moving ahead with their plans about the game without properly fixing many of the issues which have been present since the launch of Battlefield 4 about 7 months ago.

You can read about the issue in detail on the official website.