WildStar Online Gets A New Patch For 6658 Build Of The Game, Details Inside

New patch notes of Wildstar Online were just released by Carbine for the 6658 build of their game. This is a big patch update as you will start noticing the differences right after the installation of patch.

The biggest change is made in the launcher of the game as now it will allow you to access the most important links related to the game and will notify you if the servers are not working.

Some of the highlights from the general changes and launcher changes are listed below:


  • Housing and Shiphand missions should no longer cause large amounts of lag.
  • Fixed a number of issues that were causing server crashes and instability.
  • Players falling under the world should no longer end up getting stuck. Such situations will be auto-detected and Players will have to resurrect immediately to the nearest safe spot.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing some Players from entering the world.
  • Effective level (used when mentoring or rallying) can no longer be outside the normal level ranges.
  • Story panels should no longer cause a server message bug.
  • Fixed some issues related to cross-realm transfers.
  • Players should no longer encounter infinite loading screens.


  • The WildStar launcher has a new look!
  • Installation and Pending Changes information is now located on the Launcher options page.
  • Launcher will now attempt to update itself if uninstalling.
  • Launcher patch failures now indicate a support link to visit for more information.
  • EULA can no longer be bypassed by the input box.

Apart from the aforementioned changes, developers have fixed some problems faced by players regarding Guilds, Creatures, Characters, Inventory and different classes.