Watch Dogs is Not So Far From Reality, Hackers Like Aiden Pearce Exist in Real World

Doing something as simple as hacking the lights of a small residential area to kill a few people, doing millions of dollars of damage to public property by hacking into a gas or steam pipeline with a laptop or mobile.

Sounds something that would only happen in a movie or a game right? Well think again. In the recently released 2nd part of the exclusive series by IGN, Watch Dogs Vs. Reality showcases exactly the dangers of a world where everything is operated by a computer either directly or indirectly.

Bringing together experts from different fields, they discuss how real the world of Watch Dogs is compared to the world we live in now.

Kaspersky Labs Chief Malware Expert, Vitaly Kamluk is one of those experts who explain how the hacks shown in the game are possible in our real world. Everything these days is controlled by a computer.

Objects as small as a microwave in your home to the gas supply of an entire city, is controlled by a computer system which can be hacked into if you have the necessary skills. An example of one such occurrence is the New York blackout in 2003, creating panic which resulted in 11 deaths.

In a world partly run by social media, personal information is always at risk when you access stuff online. By pulling the right strings, paying the right people or pressing the right keys on a keyboard, that critical information can be stolen and used against a person. That is exactly what ctOS, the hacking software used in Watch Dogs allows our protagonist to do.