Ultra Street Fighter 4 Getting Training Mode & Offline Video Recording

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is getting new characters, improved graphics and number of new features but Capcom isn’t done yet.

Today, on their website the developer revealed that due to a huge demand from the fans, Training Mode will be added to the to the game, which will let you practice your moves while you wait for an opponent to fight against in the Lobby.

Secondly and quite importantly, Capcom is going to include a function that will automatically archive your offline matches just like the online matches. Also, these offline videos will be completely share able on YouTube.

This is obviously a great option to include in the game because most of the players opt to play offline with their close friends and all their great battles are lost without any way of re-watching them.

This new update will include six new stages, five new characters (Hugo, Poison, Elena, Rolento and Decapre) and some balance changes. It also adds a new Red Focus move and a new Ultra Combo move as both will help you against the opponents in the battle.

The console version of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 will release sometime next month while the PC version is delayed to August.