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Sunset Overdrive Details Shared, Gameplay Reveal Before E3, Co-op and Single Player Discussed

We know that Sunset Overdrive is going to get an official reveal before E3 2014.

Although it is slated for a release this year, and that it is one of the more hyped games currently on the list for Xbox One, confirmed details are a little scarce. However, recently the developer decided to start talking about it.

Some of the eagerly awaiting fans of Sunset Overdrive took to NeoGAF with a temporary box art of the game. This led to a pretty expansive discussion with Insomniac officials chipping in with bits of information.

James Stevenson, the community and marketing lead at Insomniac Games was pretty vocal on the thread.

Firstly, he confirmed that the box art in question (above) was only temporary albeit being made by the same artist (ilovedust) who has made the official one.

Moving on, he explained that among the team of developers working on Sunset Overdrive, two creative directors have worked on Resistance 3, and another has worked as the design lead for the same game.

More important than all that, a fan commented that there was no co-op and so the hype for the game had failed.

To this, he replied saying ‘did we say no co-op?’ which indirectly confirmed the existence of a co-operative gameplay mode in the game. Here’s the official word:

Did We say no co-op? Campaign/story is single-player. There is multiplayer as well, as you saw in the E3 teaser.

Moving on, he reiterated that the official reveal of the game ‘always was gonna get shown pre-E3’ and that they ‘just didn’t know exactly when so it’s been fluid.’ He also confirmed ‘tons of good stuff for E3 too though.’

Someone tried to relate the game to Infamous: Second Son and the hype it had for PS4. Saying that Sunset Overdrive would be a totally competent open world game but one that ‘nobody will care about a month after it is released’ hence ‘completely forgettable.’

Here’s how Stevenson boasted of the game:

If there is one word this game IS NOT, that word would be “forgettable”

All that being said, May 8 is when the next issue of Edge comes out and that is when the official reveal is expected for Sunset Overdrive. Siked?