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Garena Didn’t Ask Cybercafe Owners To Uninstall Dota or Dota 2 To Promote League of Legends

Update: It seems it was a false alarm. The story was reported based on the information shared by a Dota community member who has come forward to clarify the situation.

Originally, the title of the post suggested that Garena had taken sides in this situation, which is not the case. We have changed the title of the post to reflect that. Clarifying the situation further, Riot Games communications manager had this to say:

We have confirmed with the CEO of Garena Indonesia that the accusation that cybercafe owners were asked to uninstall Dota or Dota 2 is false.

Original Story
Garena, a gaming platform popular in Asian countries including India, Indonesia and Taiwan much like GameRanger just chose their side in the never ending MOBA war between DoTA series and LoL.

This news is being reported by players and there has been no official word from Garena on this so it’s supposed to be treated as a rumor.

It turns out that members of the Garena team or referred to as the Garena Agents have been visiting game cafes in Indonesia and talking to their operators about removing DoTA and DoTA2 from their systems in order to promote LoL.

The gaming café owners are reportedly being paid off by Garena to ensure that the DoTA franchise is removed from the computers which would result in people playing its rival MOBA, League of Legends.

There has been a huge outcry by Indonesian gamers, trying to contact Valve about this and making sure that the DoTA franchise stays in the country rather than being chased out by what seems to be a dirty move by Garena in order to get cozy with Riot Games, the publishers of LoL.

Before players start acting out against Riot Games they should keep in mind the fact that they have virtually no ties with Garena thus it seems to be an independent move of which Riot is totally unaware.

Instead of going on the offensive and start the usual rant which follows such news in the MOBA market, DoTA franchise players should wait for official response from the Garena administration or Riot Games.

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