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Floating Columbia of Bioshock Infinite Re-Created in Minecraft, An Epic Homage

Remember Irrational Games’ last title before the studio was shut down earlier this year? Bioshock Infinite, an artistic adventure admired by both fans and critics alike.

After the main story, it delivered 2 solid narrative driven DLCs which totally justified their cost. That majestic sight upon entering Columbia, the floating city for the first time was probably the best moment in 2013 for gaming.

Minecraft renditions of a game is nothing new these days, just around the release of the original game there are dozens of minecraft renditions of it. Bioshock Infinite was no different, Columbia’s renditions are a dime a dozen these days, or atleast they were until this recent one created by TheVoxelBox, a free build creativity oriented community.

The color scheme, the sky rails and everything else down to the detail of the tiniest flower is what sets apart this creation from all the others out there.

Each block with its sharply detailed color structure ensures that different items do not meld into one another. If you are looking at a window, you should be able to properly set it apart from the rest of the building.

Columbia is a city high above the clouds so technically it shouldn’t be possible to see the ground beneath all the mist, however in this minecraft version, you can clearly make out to the ground far below the city.

And the best thing about it? It works in this rendition! Pays a certain homage to the beautiful and majestic city created by Irrational Games, seeing how high above the ground the city is has sort of an uplifting feeling.