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DayZ Standalone Sales Surpass 2 Million

After gaining a huge popularity being a mod of ARMA II, Bohemia along with the lead deveoper of the mod started working on standalone version which was released for Steam Early Access as an alpha in December.

After five months, Creator of the game Dean Hall has announced that the sales of their Zombie-Survival game have surpassed the 2 million mark.

The game currently holds number 3 spot on the Steam’s best-seller, just lagging behind Dark Souls 2.

In DayZ Standalone, most of your time is spent on scavenging supplies in the world that is filled with ruthless zombies and other human players, who are also on the hunt for the same supplies as you, to survive.

To stay alive, you will require food, water and medicine but to survive against the enemies, you will need to rely on your crafting skills and have as much weaponry as you can.

Moreover, there is an option for building a base for yourself where you and your supplies can stay hidden and safe from other players.

DayZ Standalone has come a long way from being just a mod but still, there is a lot of work on the game that needs to be done before it starts working perfectly for all players.

Developer is well aware of the issues faced by the community and recently hired a new support lead to help bring out the fixes as soon as possible.