Dark Souls 2 PC has Mind-Boggling 1,200 Censored Words

Despite of the fact that Dark Souls 2 is Teen rated from ESBR across all platforms, the PC version has received its fair share of censored words, and quite honestly, some of those words don’t deserve to be there or censored in this way.

The banned words primarily comprise of different Usernames (used as Summoners and Invaders) and messages that are left by players to help and troll with other players.

Courtesy of Gibbed and Rick, they have compiled a list of all the censored words at PasteBin.com which has mind-boggling over 1,200 words. You can check the complete list by clicking the link.

Interestingly, if one of these words is even a part of a Username, that particular part of the Username will be censored. For example, since the word ‘Ho’ is censored by FromSoft, you will see the Username ‘Robin Hood’ as ‘Robin **od’. And that’s quite dumb, frankly speaking.

Although most of the words that have been censored include curses and swears, I don’t see the reason behind censoring words like Donkey and Hell. Furthermore, FromSoft has gone one step ahead of the smart players who have tried to replace ‘S’ with ‘5’ like in (Shit – 5h1t and Arse – Ar5e).

Check out the complete list and tell us what do you think?