Curve Considers Xbox One Launch Parity Clause as ‘Annoyance’ and ‘Shame’

With Curve Studios, the developer behind Stealth Inc, Microsoft has just added a +1 in the list of companies that have sounded off against its launch parity clause for games released via ID@Xbox program.

Launch Parity Clause essentially restricts indie developers from releasing their games on Xbox One if they already have released on PC, Playstation 4, or Wii U. This makes it impossible for a developer to launch a game as a ‘timed-exclusive’ on any rival platform.

While speaking to IGN, Curve Studios Marketing Manager Rob Clarke stated that this policy is preventing them from bringing in their older content and that it is quite hard for small developers who could not release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One at the same time.

For us, it’s an annoyance. It’s preventing us from bringing some of the older stuff through and doing what we want. There are 40 of us, and we’re still saying we should be able to work around it, so you can imagine how hard it is for smaller developers in one and two man teams who are faced with having to release on PlayStation and Xbox simultaneously.

Clarke further added that he sees hope for Microsoft and that they have been with them since the beginning of ID@Xbox. They could not make it to the initial announcement because there some issues related to Sony.

Calling it a shame, he concluded by saying that he is optimistic that Microsoft will get rid of this policy at some time. Although Microsoft has been picked apart by many of the organizations, they still haven’t dropped it.

Hopefully Microsoft will drop it. They’ve been told by a lot of the industry it’d be better if they did, but they haven’t yet. It’s a shame.

For the complete interview, head over to IGN! Also, don’t you think Clark is right in saying that it is kind of unfair for indie developers that they should publish at the same time across all platforms?