CCP Changes Two Expansions a Year Policy for Eve Online, Kronos Coming on June 3

CCP announced a change in its Two Expansions per year plan for Eve Online, they changed it to 10 smaller expansions per year.

The new expansions were named and dated as follows:

  • Kronos – 3rd June
  • Crius – 19th August
  • Hyperion – 23rd September
  • Oceanus – 4th November
  • Phoebe – 9th December
  • Rhea – 20th January 2015
  • Tethys – 7th February
  • Theia – 17th March
  • Themis – 4th April

Amongst these, Krnonos is the biggest expansion since it was originally intended to be an old-style expansion of the game. The update will have a major impact on Eve’s industry and is said to rewrite 10,000 line of the game’s code.

Alongwith the industry, the update adds a new faction called Mordu’s Legion and overhauls the Pirate factions in the game. More on the new update at Eve’s official website.

Kronos also add additional ships and the finalized version of the Ship Painting experiment CCP conducted earlier this year and also a new New Eden store in the game, as well.

With smaller and frequent updates, CCP can provide bigger features sooner to the game and with less strain on the teams working on the update, allowing them to tweak the new feature with each new update as well as the fans getting to experience the new features without waiting for long periods.