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CCP Announces a New Free-to-Play Shooter, Project Legion

The developer behind Eve Online, CCP just announced their upcoming shooter – currently exclusively for PC – called Project Legion which is a re-imagining of Playstation 3 online multiplayer shooter, DUST 514.

While discussing about the game with Eurogamer, CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson told that with Project Legion, they are targeting a different approach at being a mercenary on ground and it’s a whole new experience of DUST 514.

He continued by saying that they have learnt quite a lot from DUST and they are projecting it to create a whole new game from start. Though the team working on Project Legion is the same one which worked on DUST 514, but Petursson consider them much more experienced now:

It’s taking all we learned from Dust and almost making a new game from scratch, even though it’s the same team doing a first-person shooter, so they’re very experienced now. And we’ve made good headway on it.

Petursson further stated that Project Legion is an entirely different experience from DUST 514 and considers it more of a revolution than an evolution:

It’s almost more a revolution than an evolution, and that’s why we’re calling it Project Legion, because it’s, frankly, more like a new game.

On another occasion, CCP’s Jean-Charles Gaudechon was unsure whether or not Project Legion will be headed to consoles (both last and current-gen) and about its expected release date, but he mention that they started working on the project about a year ago. Furthermore, he also divulged that the game will be available as a free-to-play title.

While we wait for some other details, check out the screenshots provided!

Source: Eurogamer