Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Weapons, Gadgets, Locations, Secrets From Trailer Breakdown

It is that time of the year again. Yes, the time when every year a new Call of Duty is revealed. This time around it is Sledgehammer Games’ turn to present us with something, which could truly be called a next gen Call of Duty title.

Lo and Behold! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has finally been revealed. Activision had been teasing a reveal trailer for a few days now. The trailer was originally slated for a 4th May release but following the online leak; it was released earlier than the said date.

The trailer was filled with all the usual high octane and cinematic action which the series fans have come to expect.

One really exciting thing which was revealed by this trailer is the involvement of actor Kevin Spacey. Known for his outstanding performance in House of Cards among many other roles, the actor would be providing his talents for a key character in game.

Is he a villain? Or one of the good guys? That information is not clear yet but judging by his scenes from the trailer, it would come as no shock if he turns out to be the big bad wolf.

Here is a breakdown of the reveal trailer I have done. The original video can be seen above. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reveal trailer opens with a few random shots of soldiers in action, Spacey’s voice over followed by him in some kind of a meeting in a high tech room.

0:14 to 0:19: You can see militarized zones. Areas being cordoned off, restricted entry warning signs and a few people behind bars. Could this be a government prison facility? I highly doubt it given that the theme of the game seems to be PMC’s rise to power until they end up leading.

At 0:23: You get to see a badass looking dude with an ATLAS logo on the front of what appears to be an exo-skeleton (Call of Duty: Elysium) Badly shaven, t-shirt, ripped muscles, roughed up beanie, macho side pose.

Yes, that’s got to be one of the key support characters of your protagonist. What exactly is ATLAS though? The company which seems to be headed by Spacey’s yet nameless character? A rival PMC? A faction of the old government now working as rebels? Time will tell I guess.

At 0:25: You can see a VTOL coming out of stealth. Cool I guess?

At 0:40: You see the previously mentioned badass dude carrying what seems to be the F2000 rifle, with the Golden Gate Bridge serving as a backdrop.

It seems that San Francisco will be one of the locations in the singleplayer campaign. And now something unexpected happens. The guy utilizes his exo-suit to execute a super-high jump!

Hello? Titanfall/Crysis anyone? Gone are the days of Nanosuits made by alien technology or jump packs. Exo-skeleton is the next thing in the market.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been in development for almost three years now so it is sort of wrong comparing it to Titanfall though.

At 1:01: We get a close-up look of the back of the exo skeleton, nothing here setting it apart from your typical exo skeletons. There is one A(probably stands for ATLAS) logo on the spinal column though.

Now I said it is unfair to compare Titanfall with Advanced Warfare, but that A’ looks very similar to the A’ in Titanfall logo. The shot ends with the person using the personal battering ram built on the arm of his exo-skeleton to smash open a door. Guess SWAT is too mainstream!

At 1:05: We get to see masked operative using camouflage. Yes, we had camo in Black Ops 2 as well but this seems to be the real deal here.

Again camo is nothing new, Titanfall did it, Crysis did it and Ghost Recon series was the first one to do it. MUST STOP COMPARING! Let’s hope this camo doesn’t end up being available in multiplayer mode because that would really mess up the balancing.

At 1:07: We see the player throwing a grenade in air. At first, you must have thought of it as an EMP grenade, but it turns out to be more of a UAV/SONAR hybrid. It pinpoints the location of your enemies, even if they are behind cover, and you can see their position using some sort of a special visor.

At 1:11: A freeway with heavy traffic on it is shown. That guy doing a superhuman jump to land on top of a bus is not the only noticeable thing here. The road signs indicate that the location is Lagos, Portugal.

Another really exciting thing is the warning sign. No more traffic cops, instead the speed limit is enforced by drones. Hello there SkyNet!

Now let’s focus on the person who is jumping on top of the bus. He lands on the roof and then jumps down on top of an armored car, smashes his way in through the armored windshield (guess the driver did not to see where he was going) rips the driver out of his seat and tosses him on to the freeway like a ragdoll.

Minus the Titanfall execution style, this was one great adrenaline pumping moment.

At 1:28: Meet the Juggernaut! Advanced Warfare version of it. Not sure what it will be called in the game but that heavily armored mech/exo-suit armed with a minigun was new yet familiar in the Call of Duty franchise. The armor style being from Halo can be ignored after seeing that minigun in action.

At 1:42: Remember those glue gloves from Mission Impossible III? Guess SledgeHammer does, because we end up using them in here to climb a wall. Now they may not exactly be glue gloves, given the futuristic era; I wouldn’t be surprised if the buildings are completely made of metal, and the gloves are actually magnetic.

At 1:45: Being a huge star wars fan, I have always wanted to ride a speeder and go pew pew! I still cannot do it in real life, but Advanced Warfare will allow me to do that. Yes, that’s right, hover-bikes which can shoot! And from the trailer, they seemed really responsive as well.

At 1:47: A drone is being deployed just the way it should be, NOT from the pocket of your trouser. Female character in game!

Whether you are a guy or a gal, a female character is always welcome in a shooter. Although judging by the poor quality of her character design (look at that face! No person for mocap?) she might be a playable skin in multiplayer, or a bland and random soldier standing around in the singleplayer campaign.

Development team should have put more work into creating a female character, just my two cents.

Near the end of the trailer, the action picks up pace. Lots of crashes, explosions(whoever wants to travel through the Golden Gate Bridge, please find an alternate route) and some other cool stuff like vehicle deployment by VTOL, Spider tanks, Rail cannon (remember CnC:Renegade?) and a naval battle.

The trailer closes with that good guy seen near the start performing an exo-skeleton powered jump kick on an enemy, followed by the text “Power Changes Everything.” This last bit is interesting, Power as in strength or Power as in money?

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