Atari And Gamepedia Team Up For ‘Minimum’ Free Weekend

Publisher Atari will partner with Gamepedia to create an official wiki page for Minimum and launch its first free weekend. A select amount of keys will be sent out to people who nab keys on the Gamepedia page.

Key distribution will start today at 10 a.m. CDT, which will allow gamers to start firing until Sunday, May 4. Naturally, you’ll need to act fast to grab a key, as they’re sent out on a first-come, first serve basis.

Gamepedia commented on partnering with Atari for Minimum, stating:

It’s a great opportunity for Gamepedia to be working with them to bring fans the official wiki as well as this great opportunity to check out Minimum before it hits early access.

That’s right; Minimum will come to Steam through Early Access this spring. It’s a free-to-play game, but that’s not stopping it from latching on to the development primer.

In Minimum, teams of 5 players control giant robots that they can customize with crafting parts. By collecting resources, it’s possible to deck out the machine, called a Titan, with better weapons and so on.

There are also kill streaks, since this you got to have those.

Minimum recently rose from the ashes of developer TimeGate Studios, who filed for bankruptcy last year. It was involved in a nasty turnover of responsibility for producing Aliens: Colonial Marines, after Gearbox Software didn’t feel like taking the credit all that much anymore.

TimeGate was subsequently also pummeled in a lawsuit over its multiplayer shooter, Section 8. It went downhill fast after that.

At least all that experience with shooters does show that the founding for Minimum could be solid. Its development is now being continued by Human Head Games, known for the odd shooter Prey and its sequel which may or may not come out ever.