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Zenimax To Offer Compensation For Elder Scrolls Online Troubles, Game Director Explains Future Plans

Zenimax Onlineā€™s highly ambitious MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online is nearing its first month of launch.

While the road since the launch hasn’t been a really smooth one, and the game has been plagued with its fair share of bugs, exploits and irritating bots and spammers, the team at Zenimax has been highly active in trying to make the game as enjoyable as possible for dedicated gamers.

Constant updates and bug fixes have been rolling out since the launch, addressing numerous issues ranging from animation bugs and audio lag to difficulty changes in quests.

Obviously, all this puts a damper on what is a really great attempt at bringing the core Elder Scrolls experience to an MMO world.

Game director Matt Firor announced today in a blog post that the company would be compensating players for all the issues, in the form of five days of additional game time.

Anyone who redeems their game key before 1st of May would be granted five extra days alongside the free 30 days of game time. He also covered what the future plans were for the game which includes new dungeons, animation tweaks, bug fixes, PvP changes and Craglorn; the first Adventure Zone created for players ranked Veteran 1 and above.

Update 1 is currently being tested out on PTS and will be implemented as soon as the testing is over.

  • Some of the exciting features and fixes which Matt discussed are currently being worked on but which will not be included in Update 1 are listed:
  • Field of View (FOV) adjustment
  • A justice system much like the one present in singleplayer Elder Scrolls games. Steal or harm a NPC and suffer the consequence if you get caught.
  • Migration of European Megaserver to the European Datacenter to improve latency
  • Improved looking for group system
  • Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood story line and quests

The whole blog post can be seen here on the official website.

With these improvements in place and so much new exciting stuff to look forward to, it seems I will have to continue my subscription and stay on the bandwagon while this MMO shapes up to be one of the most engaging one in recent years.