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Zenimax Wants a Piece of Oculus, John Carmack is the Reason

Zenimax is accusing one of their former employees John Carmack for giving the company’s technology to Oculus, who then managed to develop a virtual reality headset.

Oculus reacted to matter by speaking to ArsTechnica:

It’s unfortunate, but when there’s this type of transaction, people come out of the woodwork with ridiculous and absurd claims. We intend to vigorously defend Oculus and its investors to the fullest extent.

This morning, the Wall Street Journal Reported that, Zenimax alleges that all the initial work done on the Oculus VR device was done by Carmack while he was still at the company and the early template of the software led Oculus to make their own headset. Zenimax has been trying to get compensation from the VR technology developer since the August of 2012.

Journal also confirms that Zenimax has indeed “sent a formal notice of it legal rights…and will take the necessary action to protect its interests.”

It looks like that the issue has been going on for a long while now. However, there is no information whether Facebook was aware of this problem between Zenimax and John Carmack.

Carmack had been working on the Virtual Reality while he was at Zenimax but he left the company because he claimed that the developer didn’t let him improve his work on the technology.