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Xbox One May Well be Priced Around $800 in China

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed that they will be partnering up with BesTV to bring their next-gen console Xbox One to China. Microsoft also mentioned that there is a lot of demand for the gaming in the country and the culture for entertainment is on the rise.

The release of console in China is very exciting but according to one of the Chinese websites, the Xbox One will be priced at 4999 Yuan which is more or less $800. Now this amount is almost $300 more of what Microsoft is charging to North American consumers and already many people consider $499 price tag to be very expensive.

When approached about the price of console in China, one of the spokesperson for Microsoft said that “more product and pricing details will be shared later this year.”

Microsoft plans to release the console in China in September of this year and it will be the 1st gaming console to be released in the country after the authorities lifted the 13 years old ban, last year. This is a great opportunity for Microsoft to get hold of the gaming market of the largest populated country in the world.

As for now, take this news as just a rumor until an official announcement is made by Microsoft. We will keep you updated on the subject as more information becomes available.

Source: Game 163