Microsoft Also Wants Xbox One Preloading Feature, Major Nelson

PlayStation 4 fans were pretty happy when Sony announced to add the preloading feature to the console some days ago. Now that the PlayStation 4 firmware update 1.7 is live and the preloading feature is in place, questions are being asked about what their rivals, Microsoft, have planned. If Larry Hryb’s going to be believed, it might be something in the pipeline.

What actually happened was that looking at how PS4 has the feature, one Xbox One user started a thread over Reddit titled ‘Xbox One Needs Preloading Feature.’

Seeing how the matter is important, Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson replied with a welcome note. He said that ‘all I can say right now is that yes, we want this feature as well.’

Moving on he was asked if he could shed some light on the length of time people would have to wait. However, his reply was the same ‘all I can say right now means exactly that [wink].’

It is a good feature as it lets people play the game just as the clock tick 12 on the release day. This is done by predownloading and preloading the game onto the console of the user who preorders the game so that it is ready for action just as the release day arrives.

Not only that, it serves the users who don’t have the fastest of internet connections. There are people who need to spend hours downloading a single game and as a result they end up having to lag behind others in playing. If there is an Xbox One preloading feature, everyone could hit the game at 12.01 AM!

How many of you would like to get the Xbox One preloading feature, voice your opinions below.