Wolfenstein: The New Order Health Mechanic Welcomes Back Old School Shooters

Wolfenstein: The New Order, developed by Swedish studio MachineGames and published by Bethesda Softworks, follows the exploits of series’ protagonist BJ Blazkowicz in an alternate reality where after achieving triumph in WWII, Nazis have established global domination and keeping peace is done with the help of gigantic robots.

Despite its name, The New Order’s gameplay doesn’t follow suit with the new age FPS games. Instead it is more of a hybrid between old school and new age. There is no health regeneration upon taking cover during fire fights.

Low on health? Find a health pack or armor amidst all the chaos offered by the destructible environments and advanced enemy AI. The game was obviously designed keeping in mind the fans of the old school health system that are put off by the regenerative system seen in so many recent games like Halo or Call of Duty.

The developers wanted to solely focus on the story aspect of the game and take players back to the roots of old school FPS gaming which is why they decided to opt out of a multiplayer mode for The New Order.

Gamers interested in moving back to FPS roots in this punishing shooter will not have to wait long as Wolfenstein: The New Order will be available May 20th with the benefit of enjoying the upcoming Doom beta if you pre-order Wolfenstein.