Serious Sam Classics: Revolution Now On Early Access

Publisher Devolver Digital has announced the release of Serious Sam Classics: Revolution on Steam, currently through Early Access. It’s a collection of some of the earlier iterations from the first-person shooter.

Specifically, the package contains The First Encounter and The Second Encounter in reworked versions. This project comes from developer Alligator Pit, comprised of fans that have put their modding skills to use for a fully vetted release.

Previously, similar mob shooter Painkiller did the same with its series for several expansions.

Serious Sam Classics: Revolution will append both releases with more levels, weapons and other mods selected from fan favorites. Additionally, new game modes will be added to the line-up.

For instance, there’s a Survival mode. It should be self-explanatory what that does.

More impressively, Serious Sam Classics: Revolution has co-op multiplayer that supports up to 42 players. That’s a pretty ridiculous number to cooperate with, but it should be super entertaining to see unfold.

For a more traditional good time, it’s also possible to go through splitscreen with up to 4 players. This is also applicable to the game’s versus modes.

There’s also a level editor, along with the continued possibility to mod the game as you see fit. Since Serious Sam Classics: Revolution supports Steam Workshop, these creations can be easily shared.

When Serious Sam Classics: Revolution launches in full, it will have a new campaign mode as well.

Currently, Serious Sam Classics: Revolution is available at a 50% discount for €4.49. As an added incentive, the game is free for people who own The First Encounter and The Second Encounter already.

Note that the free offer does not include the reworked HD versions. Don’t be one of those people complaining in the Steam forums about something that’s already a courtesy in the first place. You’re embarrassing yourself.