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Playstation 4 Update 1.7 Adds Xbox One Like Voice Commands

The previously announced 1.7 update for PS4 is now available to download. Among of the plethora of features added, the new voice commands are one of the most exciting ones.

Previously, to record video clips, players had to press a dedicated key on their controller. After the 1.7 update, two new voice commands have been added, which are quite similar to the Xbox One’s “Xbox, record” command.

Playstation, Save Video Clip: This voice commands saves the last 15 minutes of gameplay in the form of a video clip which can later be viewed, edited and uploaded.

Playstation, Start Video Clip: This command saves the next 15 minutes of gameplay as video clip, which can later be used as per player’s desire, after the command is recognized by the console.

The 15 minute of record time is by default; it can be changed as per user’s desire from the settings. The available clip lengths are 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

The ability to turn off HDCP so gameplay videos can be captured via HDMI and exported using a USB, change the brightness of the light bar on Dualshock 4, use the Dualshock 4 touch pad to navigate onscreen keyboard and Automatic Pre-Download for games pre-ordered on the Playstation Store are few of the other features included in this firmware update.