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PlayStation 4 Friend Notifications Might Come in Next Update: Rumor

It looks like Microsoft and Sony are in for a race of features; however, they seem to be racing one by one.

For instance, it was first revealed that PlayStation 4 will get preloading feature – it now has it – and then we heard Major Nelson say that they want it in Xbox One too. On the other hand, Xbox One previously received friend notifications and now it is being rumored that PlayStation 4 friend notifications might be up next.

However, the news isn’t exactly comparable to the Xbox One preloading feature as that came out through Major Nelson himself. The source of the rumor regarding the PlayStation 4 friend notifications feature is an industry insider.

Tidux, known by his Twitter name alone and for his solid track record of leaks and insider information about the industry, has tweeted something recently.

He says, courtesy of a friend of his, that the PlayStation 4 firmware update 1.8 will bring forth the much wanted feature.

Moreover, Dualshockers were told by Tidux that his friend in question really is in a position to have a reliable insight on the matter.

Regardless of how many times his claims come true, both the guys in question are not the official source and their word should only be treated as a rumor. That is until Sony actually decides to lift the veil and let us know what they have planned.

Do you think that PlayStation 4 friend notifications will really make it to the consoles in the next update? It is always good to know when your mates connect to the PlayStation Network, don’t you think?