Next Halo Game to Test Around New Multiplayer Modes, Says Job Listing

When I saw the Halo teaser at E3 2013, I expected to be well informed about it in the year to follow. Although we are just a month away from the next E3, the next Halo game is shrouded in mystery even now.

We have seen chunks of information here and there but it is still only fragments of the whole picture. Similarly, another chunk of information has been trickled down to us from 343 Industries recently.

The developing studio responsible for the multimillion dollar franchise, 343 Industries is currently looking to hire a Senior Multiplayer Designer. A job opening was posted on the Microsoft Careers website recently.

Here’s an excerpt from the job description which clearly hints at the next Halo game:

343 Industries is looking for a dynamic and experienced creative contributor who has a passion to design the world’s greatest games. As a Senior Multiplayer Designer on the Halo team, you will be responsible for implementation and execution of features within the competitive multiplayer [PVP] experience. The 343 competitive multiplayer team designs, implements, and executes on the player-versus-player experience, including game modes, map feedback, moment-to-moment gameplay balancing, and cross-team collaboration.

That is not all, in another paragraph they say that the designer will be responsible for ‘creating, developing, and delivering all new Halo MP game modes’ along with fine tuning the existing ones.

Some other responsibilities that hint towards what could be expected from the multiplayer of the next Halo game include the responsibility to design, script, balance, and tune competitive multiplayer game modes, to balance and tune multiplayer scoring systems and to prepare proposals for updating matchmaking playlists.

The last one includes adding new content to them as well as creating a very fast iteration time.

So, ‘all new’ MP modes, more focus on competitive multiplayer… what else do you see coming our way with the next Halo game?