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Iceberg Interactive Signs PC Game Starship Corporation

Publisher Iceberg Interactive has signed Starship Corporation as a new player to fit in its line-up of sci-fi games. It will be headed towards Steam, with a planned Early Access release in fall of 2014.

David Murent of developer Coronado Games welcomed the partnership, stating:

I believe their experience, especially with great space strategy titles, will be a huge boost to the final quality of the game. Their marketing and localization expertise will encourage more players to take part in the game experience, creating even more game content.

Starship Corporation is a bit of an amalgamation of styles. It allows players to create their own freighter ships and go on galactic trading routes.

Building the ship from top to bottom is an essential part of the game. Ship design can choose from 50 different rooms on multiple decks. This mechanism is a little like creating a mobile level that flies through space.

To operate the many rooms and defend the goods, you’ll need to train crew, hire soldiers and so on. Training through a series of missions prepares the artificial intelligence (AI) for the real deal.

After training, a created ship receives a rating, which dictates its value for trading, but also indicates how effective a build is.

Upon encountering similar fleets, it’s possible to do combat and capture others, which can then be sold off or added to the roster. Starship Corporation is surprisingly a lot like Pirates! or similar titles that way, but in space.

Previously, Starship Corporation was able to successfully fund an Indiegogo campaign, where it asked for a measly $6000 and ultimately raked in over $20,000.

With most of Iceberg Interactive’s current projects either wrapping up or at least planned for release, it makes sense for something new to pop up. Starship Corporation looks like a sensible addition.