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EA Sports UFC Fact Sheet Details The Game’s Features

ufc xbox one

EA Sports has released a fact sheet for UFC, that details the game’s new features and key gameplay elements.

Powered by the company’s new Ignite engine, EA Sports UFC promises to “bring the action, emotion and intensity inside the Octagon to life in ways that were never before possible.”

Fighters in the game will have different fight plans based on their real-life tendencies and each fight situation. Not only will each have a completely different personality to boot with their fighting style, they will also be smarter and look out to go aggressive if you the player is being defense and vice versa.

This is going to make every fight more challenging and unpredictable.

Thanks to the power of the Ignite engine, EA Sports UFC will feature an all-new full-body deformation system that displaces the fighter’s flesh in real time. Now your punches and kicks will actually show the power behind them through the impression it leaves on your opponent’s body.

Bodies of the fighters will also be effected by exertion through real-time vein popping, skin discoloration, muscle flex, as well as signs of fatigue setting in through the course of each round.

Dubbed as the most realistic fighting game yet, every single licensed athlete in the game has been created through full 3D head and body scans. This is going to bring a very authentic character likeness with new facial animations, expressions, emotions and more.

Players will also be able to pull off moves using the Octagon itself, including roundhouse kicks, superman punches and much more. However while they are trying to perform moves, they must also be vary of defending themselves from that “one good shot” that can ruin your day.

Other features included in the game are Ultimate Fighter Career Mode where you earn your keep by participating in fights and proving your worth, Online Championships where you go against other human players, Online Rivalries where you can create a 1v1 online rivalry to monitor every statistic, FighterNet HUB which can be used to track all of your online competition.

via Operation Sports