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Dragon Age: Inquisition is Now “Content Complete”, Entering Alpha Stage

David Gaider, who is one of the writers for Bioware, wrote on his personal blog that Dragon Age: Inquisition is now “content complete” and the developer will be moving on to Alpha stage very soon.

He wrote:

We’re on the road to Alpha, also known as “Content Complete”. So there’s still new content being created, but at this point it’s more about dealing with the content we have and getting it all to work.

He went on to mention that there is a possibility that the cuts will happen and new content will be developed in order to deal with these cuts and to improve the experience of the game.

Once we hit Alpha, cuts are generally things that are simply excised in their entirety, without any ability to really work around them for the sake of logic or flow.

Gaider emphasized that this a very important and hectic time for the developer as everything has to be in order and all the minor problems should be fixed but sometimes these cuts increase to such an enormous limit that we feel like making a “piece of crap”.

The solution to that is delaying the game, which is basically disappointing for the fans but they don’t really understand this problem.

It’s not a process that any fan will truly understand. They’re usually oblivious to what’s going on, harping on what color the sails should be while the hull is rapidly leaking water. Which is a strange dissonance from our perspective, let me tell you.

It is good to see a developer with such high value taking every step of the way extremely seriously to bring the best possible experience to the fans.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is slated for release for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on 7th of October.