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Destiny Game Modes Detailed Plus Everything Else We know

September 9 is when Bungie is going to roll out Destiny to the entire world. According to what we know so far, the world that they have created is going to be huge for an action role-playing game as well as a shooter.

Naturally, there is a lot to share in those regards. We have compiled some of the key features that you can expect in the game ranging from Destiny game modes, player abilities and more.

Since the embargo was lifted on Monday, quite a lot of people have come up with bits and pieces of information. A NeoGAF thread took the advantage and listed whatever needs to be shared.

To start off, a handful of new videos were shared by different people including Bungie itself. For instance, a new trailer was released that shows off the

" target="_blank">Destiny Strike Gameplay.

There was also an

" target="_blank">analysis video that tried to go into details by scouring trailers for information, there is speculation in it.

Moving on PlayStation Access has been releasing

#038;list=UU6yzV_xgKn8r77FkcmZyMSg" target="_blank">new videos every day since the week started and lastly, there is this
" target="_blank">video that shows off ad explains the Destiny game modes.

Once you are done with the videos, here are some of the textual bits of information. Eric Osborne, the community manager was pretty vocal over threads regarding the game.

At one point, he explained Raids by saying that “they are activities that you can do with six of your friends, where all six people are participating as a single group. These may be limited to being late-game activities.”

While talking about the openness of the Patrol Mode, he said that they are a ‘singular embodiment of the activities for every mood mantra’ that they keep talking about.

There are objectives to pick up – or ignore – in City Factions and there are treasure hunts that you can go in solo or with a Fireteam. You can also waste time swinging around in your Sparrow or keep fighting enemies just for the sake of leveling up.

Moving on, he was asked about the ability to navigate through in different areas. For example, being in Moth Yard and traveling all the way to King’s Watch.

Osborne said that yes it was possible to do so as everything is ‘continuous and connected.’

There is going to be more on the game, and we will keep you updated, but until then check out the Destiny game modes’ video in the link given above and tell us what you think.