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Defiance Going Free-to-Play

Trion Worlds’ sci-fi MMO Defiance will be going Free to Play next month. The PC version will be free to play on June 4th and the Playstation 3 version on June 15th whilst the Xbox 360 version is under discussion.

The MMO’s switch from a subscription model to a free-to-play model parallels with the premiere of the second season of Defiance on June 19th. Players who paid the subscription fee for the game will be compensated after the game goes free to play.

Defiance is popular for its large co-op missions and battles bringing players of all levels into the mix, going free-to-play will attract more players to join the existing players to battle it.

New players will be auto-leveled up, so they can survive in battles but of course, the high level players will remain the major damage dealers in the battles; the main reason for this is to provide lots of players in the battle and highlight Defiance’s co-op experience.

The recent title update added quite a few features to make the game alluring to fans of the show.

Not forgetting the early players who spent money on the game, they will receive a 30-day “Paradise Patron Status” which includes character boosts, which can stack with store bought boosts, discount on all items in the store and bonus in-game currency.

Trion Worlds will livestream on their Twitch Channel this Friday to describe their vision about the Free-to-play model and have a QnA session.