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Call of Duty 2014 Details Coming This Weekend

Sledgehammer Games has announced they’ll be releasing details on the next Call of Duty title on May 4th.

The new Call of Duty title will be the first in the series to be developed fully by Sledgehammer Games; the still young studio founded in 2009, which worked alongside Infinity Ward on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Sledgehammer Games tweeted the ‘announcement’ which was later confirmed by Game Informer who revealed that this year’s Call of Duty title will be featured in their upcoming issue as the cover story.

GameInformer will have an exclusive interview with Sledgehammer Games’ co-founders and share the title of the game followed by details on the gameplay mechanics.

It is possible that the developer releases a video on the same day to go along with GameInformer coverage.

From the screenshots, the game seems to have improved visuals compared to the recent Call of Duty: Ghosts. Furthermore, these screenshots clarify some of the rumors floating about where or when the game takes place.

Earlier this year, Activision boss Eric Hirhsberg revealed that the company was moving to a three-year cycle where each Call of Duty developer will release a new title.

With Infinity Ward working on Modern Wafare series and Treyarch working on Black Ops series, it will be interesting to see what Sledgehammer Games comes up with.