American McGee Thinks Xbox One Will Fail in China

Microsoft has made a decision to launch their next-gen console, Xbox One in China later this year, but is this really a great decision from the company?

To answer this question, the developer of Alice: Madness Returns, American McGee came forward on the Facebook and explained how this move is a huge blunder on Microsoft’s behalf which may “cost them dearly”.

He explained that already PS4 and Xbox One have made it to the country via online stores, which delivers the product right on their doorstep without any bother. 

Also, there is cheaper and better “Set-top box” available in the market and as far as streaming is concerned “99% of the streaming content is consumed on the mobile devices or PCs”.

Another reason, which is a really big problem in China, is Piracy and McGee describes this issue as “It’s Massive” and will prove to be huge problem in the Microsoft’s Digital plans for the future.

Continuing in the post, he mentions cultural disconnect:

The target market of kids/young-adults from middle-class/wealthy families don’t have free time to spend on console games (or TV/movies). Between the ages of 3~22 years of age they are heads-down with study, school, and extra-curricular activities that will increase their chances of competing successfully against others in the super-hot Chinese job market. Those that aren’t studying don’t have money to spend on a console.

Finally, he talks about the main problem of censorship and restrictions of China which will not allow any game that “promotes obscenity, drug use or violence” and the things, which include “insults, slanders or violates the rights of others”.

China is officially getting a console for the first time in over a decade after the authorities lifted the 13 years old ban from the consoles, so the problems are there for Microsoft, but with proper education the transition is possible.

The PC and mobile gaming in the country is on the rise and when Xbox One becomes available in the market, it is very much a possibility that the people will opt for it.