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Activision Announces Mobile Exclusive Tony Hawk’s Shred Session

Activision confirmed earlier this year that a new Tony Hawk title was under development by a UK studio Big Bit and the legendary skater himself confirmed it shortly afterwards that the new title would be a free-to-play mobile game.

Yes that is right, the upcoming title of the famous skating franchise will be named Tony Hawk’s Shred Session and is not on any console, instead it will be a free-to-play endless runner like Temple Run or Subway Surfers, coming exclusively to Android and iOS devices.

The game follows the typical ‘swipe gesture’ format found in so many runners available on the mobile market, but instead of using the gestures to avoid obstacles, players will be using them to perform ollies, numerous tricks and landings.

Just like any other free-to-play game, micro transactions are involved in this one as well. The basic currency, one of the two currencies in game, coins will be used to purchase cosmetic unlocks while the Premium currency purchased from real life money will be used to speed up progress and continue in levels.

The game involves two play modes, Survival in which players try to keep up a run as long as possible by executing different tricks in quick successions, and Shred Sessions which will feel familiar to the franchise fans and will have players completing objectives like collecting letters of the word “Skate”, getting big air in a half pipe and more.

Activision will soft launch Tony Hawk’s Shred Session in the upcoming few weeks followed by a worldwide launch this summer. Initially the game will have 5 locations and a 6 skater roster to choose from.