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Zenimax Urges ESO Players To Report Gold Spammers

In a recent post on Zenimax Forums, the developer urges the players of The Elder Scrolls Online to report the usernames of the gold spammers so that they can be taken out of the game. Although the developers are hard at work to remove these spammers but any help from the community would be duly appreciated.

We request that anyone who has received a private message they believe to be from a gold spammer to post the sender’s username as a comment in this thread.

As we have disabled PMs, you will not be able to access your inbox on the forums, but if you received an email notification to alert you to the PM you received, the sender’s username should be in that e-mail.

Zenimax Studio has now focused all of their attention to remove the spammers from the game. Just a couple of weeks ago, the developer took Guild Banks offline to stop players from duplicating items and getting limitless money.

Item Dupe Bug of Elder Scrolls Online has been present in the game since the beta and still a number of players are exploiting the bug, which is giving them unfair advantage against the players who want to play legit.

The developer also mentions on the forums that they are making an exception in the code of conduct, so that the players will be able to identify and name the offenders but strong actions will be taken against anyone who files a false report.

The Elder Scrolls Online released for PC earlier this month and has been facing a lot of issues, but it is good see Zenimax Studio making an effort to improve the game.