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PS4 Update 1.70 Is Now Live, Brings Some Exciting New Features

The latest PS4 Update 1.70 is now live and it brings a number of new features with it. The update will take about 195 MB of your hard disk space and will be downloaded in almost 1 to 3 minutes depending upon your internet speed.

First of all, the new update brings SHAREFactory, which will let you add stickers, comments and audio music to your video clips. Also, the video clips stored on your PS4 are now transferable to the USB storage device.

The Dualshock 4 light that was bothering a lot of people can be dimmed or can be made brighter depending on your choice. One more thing that was bothering people was the 15 minutes video recording, every single time you press the share button. However, the latest update provides you with an option to set the time limit which ranges from 1 to 15 minutes.

New capture gallery has also been added, so that you can view all of your saved screenshots and videos at the same place. Moreover, the saved videos and screenshots can now be shared with a selected audience.

Other small features in the PS4 Update 1.70 are:

  • Screensaver can now be set
  • Trophies can be arranged by their Rarity level
  • Noise can be reduced during video playback
  • Touch pad can be used for software keyboard
  • You can report anything, which is inappropriate
  • Your real name will be shown to your close friends
  • Best HD is added to support the resolution for Twitch and Ustream