Pokemon Art Academy Coming to 3DS in Japan on June 19

Nintendo is further expanding the universe of Pokemon; although it’s tough to imagine the already vast content that we have with regards to Pokemon all over the world. Pokemon Art Academy has been announced.

The game, as its name suggests, is going to teach us how to bring out our inner Pokemon artist. With it, you will be able to learn how to draw Pokemon on your Nintendo 3DS.

In total there are going to be more than 40 different tutorials that will feature massive number of different Pokemon that you can draw. Apart from that, you can draw things freely too. There will be more than 100 templates that have been based on the Pokemon world.

That being said, the Pokemon Art Academy will come packed with social integration features. You will be able to share your artistic endeavors with your friends over the Miiverse social network too.

As you might have guessed, the game is based on the franchise known as Art Academy. There have been other games based on the same concept too and they have all been released to Nintendo handhelds. The last of these was released in 2012 for European, North American and Japanese markets.

There also is a Wii U version of the same that was released back in August 2013.

The official website of Pokemon Art Academy is in Japanese and honestly I am not a pro when it comes to that language; you may head here and find out more yourself, or check out the introductory trailer above. The game releases in Japan on June 19.