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PayDay 2 Golden AK Rifle Announced as Community Tops 500K Members

Alright, so we hear that people who love stealing jewelry, robbing banks, cooking meth rigging elections and helping the corrupt are growing in number by the day.

Well, I might have meant it in the literal sense too, but right now I am talking about what PayDay 2 has managed to pull off. The game now has 500,000 heisters and now the developers are celebrating that in style.

Overkill Software took to their official website to announce that in order to commemorate the event, they will be releasing a Golden AK Rifle. Here’s how the official announcement explained the ultimate crime-lord weapon:

“What does a PayDay heister, a Mexican drug lord and a megalomaniac dictator have in common?

A fascination for gold plated AK rifles, of course.

The golden AK.762 is a high powered rifle which, other than looking absolutely fabulous, will kill when it hits the target. What it lacks in fire rate it makes up in raw power and bling. Do what so many criminals have done before you, and wield this tasteful beauty while you do what you do best.”

Other than this, they also announced that now you will be able to move your masks and weapons with the simple ‘move’ and ‘’place’ buttons. Lastly, you will be allowed to rename your weapons or masks – I am having creative ideas as to what I would name the Golden AK Rifle!

How do you like that? The new PayDay 2 Golden AK Rifle does spell S.W.A.G, but do you think the fire rate would be a problem?