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New Mass Effect Title Halfway Done, Should be Out in 2015

Yanick Roy, studio director at Bioware Montreal, stated that Mass Effect 4 has reached ‘somewhere in the middle’ of development.

The game has been in development since 2012, and if it has reached the ‘middle’ of development at this time then it means that the game will be releasing around Q4 2015, Eurogamer estimates a October 2015 release.

The new Mass Effect title has no proper name yet so it is being referred to as Mass Effect 4 for the time being. Although it is still unclear whether the game is a prequel or sequel to the original trilogy but Bioware has promised that the new title wont deviate from it’s roots.

Mass Effect 4 uses the Frostbite 2 Engine and incorporates many of the features developed by the Edmonton Team for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Earlier, Aaryn Flynn, general manager at Bioware Montreal and Edmonton, tweeted about his experience playing the new Mass Effect title along with a off-screen photo of the Bioware logo, which happened to be on a PC, in the Montreal Studio.

The new Mass Effect title wont feature Shepard or “Shepard 2” as referred to by the studio, the game is hinted to be a ‘new thing’ for the series.

Bioware Montreal was also known to have been working on a First-Person Shooter Multiplayer title called Mass Effect: Team Assault before they transformed it into the third-person shooter multiplayer mode for Mass Effect 3. Could the new Mass Effect title be a first person shooter?