Murdered: Soul Suspect Antagonist ‘Bell Killer’ Shown in New Trailer

We are about to enter the last month before the release of Airtight Games’ action adventure with a twist. The game starts with our hero’s death and now, the developers have released a new trailer showing off the Murdered: Soul Suspect antagonist i.e. the man who is behind that death. The media and the police know him as the Bell Killer.

The Bell Killer is recognized by an eerie symbol of a bell that he leaves behind every time he kills, hence the name. Our protagonist, Ronan O’Connor is his latest victim and as it happens, it is up to him to take down the serial killer.

Community manager for Square Enix, Lee Williams took to the official PlayStation Europe Blog to shed some light on the villain and to introduce us to whatever evidence there is on him:

“He’s our ruthless antagonist in Murdered: Soul Suspect; a sadistic killer, seemingly with no MO, whose victims each die cruel and merciless deaths. Uncover what little evidence there is on the Bell Killer in our latest trailer – but pay close attention, if you wish to stand a chance of solving the case when Murdered: Soul Suspect launches on 6th June.”

The game is going to be released on June 6, 2014; until then, check out the trailer above to know more about the Murdered: Soul Suspect antagonist and tell us what could be the reason behind his killings.